Remain true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind and make greater achievements——An Informal Essay on Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of CMEC

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China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) was founded on the year of China's reform and opening-up. In the past 40 years, all employees of CMEC moved with the times and forged ahead to make greater achievements, making CMEC grow into a world-class complete machinery company in the context of reform and opening up of China's foreign trade. At such a moment, I have two special thoughts: 1. All employees of CMEC shall respect and thank leaders at different levels, including relevant leaders of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, as well as leaders of the former National Planning Commission, First Machinery Industry Ministry and Foreign Trade Ministry. They freed their minds to break the monopoly over foreign trade and proposed the new idea of integration between industry and trade, and in such a circumstance CMEC was founded. We should thank SINOMACH for its guidance of and concern over the development of CMEC, its strategic arrangements, as well as its assistance to CMEC when the latter encountered difficulties and problems. We shall pay our respect to the earliest pioneers of CMEC, generations of CMEC models and excellent collectives, who are pacesetters of CMEC in different stages, and everyone who has grinned and borne the hard work over the past 40 years, who laid a foundation for future generations to make greater contributions. 2. All employees of CMEC shall remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind so as to make greater achievements. Then, what is the original aspiration? It is found that “remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind” is originally borrowed from the Buddhist language. Original aspiration, according to the understanding of Chinese communists, refers to the faith developed, the mission undertaken and the ideal pursued at the very beginning. Remain true to the original aspiration, means that we shall always keep our faith, pursue our ideal, never give up in the face of failure, setback and difficulties, completely eradicate various distracting thoughts, resist any temptation, succeed in the end and create brilliant achievements. The original aspiration and mission of Chinese communists were highly summarized in the report delivered at the 19th National Congress of the CPC, that is, seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation.
What is the original aspiration of CMEC as a business entity? Where does the original aspiration originate from? The reform and opening up of China. CMEC was born in the process of reform and opening up. Without reform and opening-up, the founding of CMEC would be impossible. At the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the focus of the whole Party’s work was shifted onto economic development, the entire Party and all the Chinese people were called to free up their minds, seek truth from the facts and look ahead in unity. Since then China has started a new era in which everything is flourishing. However, at that time, China's national economy was fragile and was in urgent need of reconstruction due to the havoc caused by the Great Cultural Revolution.
To achieve economic growth, it is certain that we are in great need of foreign exchange since we must introduce advanced foreign technologies and equipments. Expanding the export is the most reliable and uppermost approach. However, at that time China exported mostly resource-oriented, agricultural and sideline products and its exporting capability was very poor. It barely exported mechanical and electrical products with higher additional value. Moreover, foreign trade personnel were not familiar with technology and manufacturers did not know users' demands. Therefore, the Chinese government made great efforts to reform the trade system so as to export more products, earn more foreign exchanges and improve the import & export structure. Under such a circumstance, CMEC was founded as China’s first industrial and trade company integrating production and distribution. It is the need of the development of the national economy, the original purpose and the need of the country to export more products, earn more foreign exchanges, enhance export of mechanical-electrical products and improve the import & export structure of China. The need of the country is the central task of our work. The call of the state is the clarion call for our action and the most effective slogan for uniting and mobilizing all employees. This is our original aspiration, our mission and ideal. CMEC was born with its mission and in response to the call of the Party!
In the past 40 years, all employees of CMEC dedicated themselves to the service of the country, kept their mission firmly in mind, endured great hardships in pioneer work and forged ahead. After the startup period (1978-1988) featuring the planning economic administration and coordinated development, the period of burgeoning development featuring independent operation (1988-1994) and group management (1995-2010), restructuring and reform in 2011 and success in getting listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2012, CMEC has entered a new stage of development.
The patriotic devotion stimulated motivation of and enthusiasm about work, which is first of all condensed into the dauntless spirit of overcoming difficulties. At the inception of its founding, CMEC was constrained by poor office conditions and had few office supplies such as typewriter, fax machine, and copying machine. At that time, even telephone was rarely seen in employees' families. Due to the poor living conditions, new employees had no residence and some of them even lived in the office! Moreover, CMEC suffered from poor operating conditions and small export scale, operated only in Hong Kong, Macao and several Southeast Asian countries, and its export products were mostly ordinary mid- and low-end labor-intensive and resource-intensive products. In a word, in spite of the great difficulties, CMEC employees neither flinched nor gave up. They got ride of any fear of difficulties, never made complaints, put the poor work conditions and difficulties in life aside, tried all means to expand the channels of foreign trade, enhanced the flexibility, adaptability and inclusiveness of trade, so as to earn more foreign exchanges. Under the guidance of superior leaders and support of local governments, CMEC established its provincial-level branches as well as overseas branches in major exporting countries and regions. The coordinated development of the domestic and overseas markets has made historic contributions to the export and development of CMEC. As China deepened its reform and opening up and the front of foreign trade keeps reforming, on the one hand, the relations between China and foreign countries have been strengthened, more foreign investors, funds and technologies have been introduced into China; on the other hand, more and more Chinese products and Chinese people went abroad. After China adopted the policy of reform and opening up, we truly understand that China needs the world and the world needs China. God helps those who help themselves, thanks to years of efforts of CMEC employees, CMEC has finally achieved great business development, forming three mainstay businesses, that is, export of complete equipment (including cooperative production), export of stand-alone machine (including the projects of cooperation with Eastern European countries such as Romania and the former Yugoslavia), and import (and international bidding). On such a basis, CMEC made persistent explorations and innovations and its “export of complete equipment” expanded into the business segment of complete project contracting, its general import & export trade and other businesses were developed into the trade and services segment, and the business segments for design consultation, investment and financing (export driven by project investment), as well as CMEC Properties, CMEC Logistics and CMEC Agriculture were newly established. Now, CMEC’s trade scale has increased significantly, the export market has expanded from Asia to Latin America, Africa and developed countries in Europe and America, the export products have extended from the original mechanical industry to telecommunications, rolling stock, road and bridge, etc., hitting records in the fields of export of large-scale complete mechanical-electrical plants of Chinese enterprises. In the past 40 years, CMEC created brilliant achievements and did not live up to the expectations of the leaders of the State Council placed upon us at the beginning of the reform and opening up.
In the past 40 years, CMEC employees always remained true to their aspirations, practiced themselves, cultivated their tastes, and developed good moral character and styles of work when combating various difficulties and experiencing setbacks and failures. For example, they developed the dauntless spirit, the dedication spirit of assuming responsibilities and making contributions, the full confidence in the face of setbacks, the teamwork of solidarity, cooperation and concerted efforts. They willingly bore the burden of hard works, promoted quality workmanship, sought for excellence and ensured that every detail counts, made innovations so as to advance with the times and respond to the changes, as well as the inclusive interpersonal relationship. All of the above are the fine traditions of CMEC and spirits of CMEC employees.
All CMEC employees shall love and learn the traditions, implement the practices of “Three Guidance” and “Three Integration”, carry forward and enrich the traditions so as to pass down the traditions from generation to generation.
Time brings a great change to the world. The reform and opening up has tremendously changed the country. After 40 years of high-speed development, China has been no longer in a state of isolation and backwardness and is about to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects. The twilight of building a great modern socialist country has appeared. China has entered the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The 19th National Congress of the CPC has put forward the great task and target of building China into a great modern socialist country in all respects in a new era, particularly, it set targets and defined specific tasks and work directions for state-owned enterprises. From the perspective of CMEC, it is the latest requirement made by the Party on the company, so we must obligatorily implement the great task and targets in the specific work practices. We need to uphold and strengthen the leadership of the Party, and lift the Party building work of CMEC (“Three Guidance” and “Three Integration”) to a new level. We need to adhere to our corporate innovation strategy, promote development and create new profit centers by making innovations. We need to further increase our management level and strive to upgrade the existing management system. We need to take the opportunity of the 40th anniversary of founding of CMEC, make plans on the development in the next five years and ten years, and ensure that the value of state-owned assets is maintained or increased. We shall have such a mission, that is, make outstanding achievements in corporate development and contributions to building a China into a trader of quality as put forward in the 19th National Congress of the CPC.
In the new strategy of building the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the CPC Central Committee has developed an all-new international strategy: we shall to take the “Belt and Road” initiative as a platform, promote regional economic integration through “connectivity”, advance the building of a new-type international relationship with win-win cooperation at the core, and build a global community with a shared future. This is the need and interests of the state in the new era, and is of course the obligatory duty of CMEC. We must take active part in and have actually taken part in the “Belt & Road” initiative. CMEC has successfully and are undertaking many engineering projects in countries along the “Belt and Road”, winning high praises from the local government and people. We need to emphasize that all foreign contracting projects and other economic & trade activities need to be treated at the level of national strategy. CMEC is a state-owned enterprise directly under the central government and the Party has very high requirements and expectations on the company. CMEC is a player in the process of the implementation of the “Belt & Road” initiative. We must put the strategic interests of China first and implement the idea in every detail and the whole process of project. Of course, this does not mean that we should make light of economic benefits since the core of the national strategy is precisely benefit sharing and win-win cooperation. Therefore, we still need to stress economic benefits, abide by market rules and promote fairness and justice. We shall constantly sum up experience, resolutely safeguard our national interests while giving consideration to our own interests, strive to build every project into a model of mutual benefits and win-win outcome, a symbol of the friendship between the two sides as well as the quality and image of China, and a source of China’s influence. The building of a project will benefit local people and exert long-reaching influences, and specifically reflects that we remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind in the new era. CMEC shall have such a sense of mission and patriotic feeling, consciously and actively take part in the “Belt & Road” initiative, and contribute all our wisdom and strength to opening up a new horizon of diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in the new era and carrying out the new international strategy put forward by the Central Committee of the CPC with Xi Jinping as the core.




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