Builders’ Dedication to Karaganda No. 3 Thermal Power Station in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan’s Karaganda No.3 power station expansion project has been successfully completed. As the first large-scale EPC project undertaken by CMEC in Kazakhstan, the project, from the beginning, challenged the project team with a brand-new high-threshold market. Through constant attempts and joint efforts, the project team finally overcame unfavourable conditions such as language barrier, ignorance of local conditions, imperfect local laws and regulations, strict visa restrictions, and long and cold winter, finally accomplishing the project. The tenacious spirit of hard work and solid work style embodied by the project team have been praised by owners. The following text records the dribs and drabs of pioneers, allowing CMEC’s pioneering spirit to be further carried forward.

Ma Zhiqiang
As the project site manager, he was one of the first-batch people to arrive at the site. From the preliminary preparation before the project starts to the end of the project warranty period, he had been working at the project site for five years. When I first arrived at the site, members of the project department knew little about the local situation and did not have basic living and production conditions. As the first-batch personnel of the project department, Manager Ma first solved fundamental living problems on the site, laying a solid foundation for the implementation of the project site. After the commencement of the project, he was responsible for the management of the site construction, actively seeking solutions under challenging conditions and steadily advancing the site construction step by step.

After the successful handover of the project, he continued to be responsible for the on-site management during the quality assurance period, ranging from operation and maintenance, quality assurance elimination to the preparation of documents and materials。 He did everything by himself, ensuring the final handover of the project and making outstanding contributions to the success of the project。



Li Wenxiang
Engineer Li is the chief Russian interpreter at the site. He joined the project team when the project site entered its peak in 2014. Upon arrival at the site, Li assumed the most important interpretation task at the site. Regular meetings with the owner every morning and occasional meetings with the owner’s senior management were all interpreted by Mr. Li. When translation is needed for daily communication with local subcontractors, suppliers, and Chinese and local employees, Li always responds to requests. Li’s excellent Russian level and professionalism were highly recognized and praised by the owner. He also established a good relationship with the owner’s managerial staff. At the end of the project handover negotiations, the owner presented Li with a commendation certificate to express gratitude for his work. (Engineer Li receives the commendation certificate from the owner in the middle)
Jiang Qingxing

Engineer Jiang specializes in project cost, which is responsible for on-site collection and payment, taxation, and contract management. Due to visa restrictions and other reasons, the Karaganda Project did not use large domestic construction enterprises as the construction contractor. Site construction was mainly completed by local subcontractors. CMEC’s local branch directly signed subcontracting and procurement contracts on the site. As most of local subcontractors and suppliers are small-scale ones, many subcontractors and purchasers must be recruited separately for detailed work. The branch has signed more than 500 site contracts and supplemental agreements successively, which makes the workload of site contracts and payment management very heavy. However, under the careful management of Jiang, site contracts have been successfully executed, providing strong support for the smooth completion of the project. During the work, Jiang also actively accumulated experience, summed up the rules, reduced on-site procurement costs by splitting contracts and other methods, and improved project benefits.
Liu Weiguo

Liu is the on-site planning engineer responsible for preparing the monthly Project Progress Report. Also, Liu is also responsible for on-site document management, and local registration and certification of equipment. Kazakhstan has followed the system of the former Soviet Union and has high requirements on the content and format of project completion documents, project quality documents, and equipment manufacturer documents. However, most Chinese enterprises have no experience in the former Soviet Union. Submitted documents are often far from the requirements of owners. Many enterprises do not translate their documents in Russian or have Russian translators, but the translation is inaccurate. This makes the management and transfer of documents and materials one of the heaviest tasks on site. In order to submit information to the owner smoothly, Liu undertook a large amount of communication with manufacturers, subcontractors and owner engineers. His efforts provided favourable support for the smooth acceptance of the project.

Lena, a member of the Russian ethnic group in China, is a budget operator and the supervisor of local employees. The construction costs of local subcontractors on the Karaganda project site are all paid according to Kazakhstan’s local construction budget. Lena’s duty was to review the construction budget of each subcontractor and determine the amount payable. What she did had guaranteed the smooth implementation of the site construction. In her work, Lena is conscientious and meticulous. She often argues with subcontractors for the benefit of CMEC. Also, Lena also assisted the development work of the project department with her budget knowledge. Lena’s rigorous and responsible work attitude was recognized and respected by the personnel of both parties on the site.

Ashan, a young member of the Kazak nationality, is responsible for the on-site liaison with local agencies and assists in handling visa and notarizing and certifying documents. As a local, he has a better understanding of local laws and regulations and the situation and knows better how to solve problems. Ashan takes an active and serious attitude in his work and puts the company’s interests first. In order to reduce the cost of visa application, he went back and forth between the site and relevant agencies, repeatedly communicating with notary authorities and training institutions to ask them to offer the best price. During the execution of the project, Ashan got married, and all members of the project team were invited to attend his wedding.

Nascar, a member of the Lithuanian nationality, is one post-90s graduating from English Major. She is responsible for receiving domestic materials at the site and assisting in the management of local engineering documents and materials, as well as part of the translation and daily management. Nascar took a severe attitude towards her duties and managed the on-site data and accounts clearly, effectively supporting the on-site document management. She also got along very well with other members of the project team.
Nascar is also very diligent. During the project, she learned Chinese. Through hard efforts, she can speak in Chinese and read simple Chinese letters with Chinese personnel on the site. (Correspondent Sui Haixin)
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